About us

Intecal, S.A. is one of the leading machinery distributors in the meat and fish processing industry in Spain. With more than 30 years of experience, Intecal is known for its customer service and always being the first to introduce the latest technology in the Spanish food industry market.

At Intecal, we are committed not only to offer a customized answer to our clients’ needs, but also to distribute exceptional equipment and avant-garde products that improve key factors of our industry: productivity, quality, ergonomics and animal welfare.

Intecal was pioneer in importing machinery in Spain now commonly used in slaughter lines and debonning plants, such as porcine anesthesia plants using CO2, vertical porcine scalding systems, circular knives, straight cut knives for porcine, and equipment for the bone marrow aspiration in slit open bovine. Now more than ever, Intecal continues to invest in revolutionary facilities adapted to new technologies with the use of robotics for slaughter and quartering lines.

Intecal relies on the guarantee and trustworthiness of international manufacturers and suppliers in the Spanish market, and has the most extensive range of machinery and accessories available for the meat industry, and more specifically, for slaughterhouses, debonning plants, and casing plants.

Our history

Intecal, S.A. was established in 1983, three years before Spain became a member of the European Economic Community (EEC), with the specific objective to introduce and distribute machinery for the Spanish food industry market, and, in particular, for the meat industry. Intecal’s aim was to cover the needs of the important renovations to the Spanish food industry facilities, improve the production procedures, and adapt facilities to the new European regulations.


Our commitment in accordance with our business mission:

All our products must offer the greatest use, productivity and value for our clients: if a product will not make our clients’ productivity processes easier, more operative and economical, it cannot be included in our offer.

The details make the difference: nowadays in the food industry any small details in the productive line can symbolize a big win for our clients. We are constantly looking for these details.

We believe in our human team: we are aware that we need people prepared, efficient, and professional who share our commitment. We are proud to count on a value-driven team and a very low turnover rate.

Our suppliers are essential: we look for select manufacturers and suppliers interested in actively collaborating with us and who constantly innovate in their products. Therefore, we only work with suppliers with whom we share a work culture.

competitive price is essential for our customers, taking care of a high level of quality, efficiency, and productivity. We also consider the cost of the client over a long term period.

One of our priorities is to provide excellent client service during the whole useful life of the product. This has been our practice since day one.

Our commitment… What does it mean for the client?

Our commitment is the result of listening to our clients, understanding them, learning from them, and serving them. It is also based on working closely with our suppliers to cover the market needs. Our commitment is translated into a real benefit so that our clients can improve their productive processes with our equipment and services.

The commitment with our clients has helped us to improve our capacities, increase added-value to the renowned firms we represent, and continue to invest in advanced manufacturing technology that provides an answer to new market requirements.