About us

FRONTMATEC, the world’s leading supplier of customized equipment, solutions and software for the red meat industry

FRONTMATEC develops and leads worldwide, customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the public service industry.

We are especially recognized for our high-quality systems for the entire value chain in the meat industry, from hygiene systems to control systems, from carcass classification to slaughter lines, from cutting and deboning lines to logistics and packaging.

FRONTMATEC employs more than 1,200 employees in 10 countries with a turnover of 250 million euros. FRONTMATEC has a subsidiary in Spain since 2017 in the town of Sallent (Barcelona).


INTECAL, Spain’s leading distributor and supplier of equipment for the food industry

INTECAL has continuously invested in adapting new applications and technologies in order to serve the Spanish red meat industry as an equipment distributor and after-sales service supplier.

INTECAL was pioneer in importing machinery in Spain now commonly used in slaughter lines and debonning plants, such as porcine anesthesia plants using CO2, vertical porcine scalding systems, circular knives, knives for cutting pig rectum, equipment for spinal cord aspiration in beef carcasses and robotics for slaughter and cutting lines.

Located in Barcelona, ​​INTECAL has 20 highly experienced employees. Since January 2019 INTECAL is property of the FRONTMATEC group


The global demand for red meat is increasing along with a growing global population. Spain has been specially successful in meeting this demand and has increased its production to become the largest producer of prok meat in Europe.

FRONTMATEC considers the Spanish market a strategic market and this merger represents a further step in FRONTMATEC’s ambitious project to become the leading global supplier of equipment, projects, automation and robotics, by strengthen its position on the attractive Spanish market.

This merger represents the consolidation of the presence of the FRONTMATEC group in Spain, initiated with the creation of its subsidiary FRONTMATEC SLU and the subsequent acquisition in 2019 of 40% of AIRA ROBOTICS SL and 100% of INTECAL SA.

FRONTMATEC-INTECAL offers the equipment and services that FRONTMATEC and INTECAL offered separately, allowing the union of efforts and resources to achieve synergies that allow creating the maximum value for clients, accompanying them in their professional growth and providing them with maximum profitability and innovation.

We want to maintain your confidence in this new stage and we will convince you

We share the same objective of achieving the success of our clients. We feel part of your business and we work to optimize your profitability by improving your production processes with our products and services.

Our offering expands and we want to become your preferred global provider of equipment, projects, automation and robotics. FRONTMATEC is the result of the union of the six companies SFK LEBLANC, ATTEC, ITEC, CAROMETEC and FRONTMATEC. This combination allows us to offer complete and exclusive solutions that join the usual offer of INTECAL products.

Our commitment is strengthened because we maintain our business model with personalized attention and the careful customer service that characterizes us, supported by a large group such as FRONTMATEC.

The added value of your company increases as our offer of complete and exclusive solutions together with our baggage allow you to have a solid partner who will support and advise you at all times.