Novelties at the IFFA 2016


During the last edition of the IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt, held from 7 to 12 May, our representatives have presented numerous novelties.

Foto IFFA AIRA webWe have found in the BANSS booth a wide presentation of AIRA robots. Among them they highlighted the extraction of remains of fat on the carcass, project in collaboration with the DMRI (Danish Meat Research Institute), the bung dropper and H-bone cutter, the belly and breast opener and a new model for splitting consisting in two robots working fully synchronized allowing higher efficiency.

MAJA has presented numerous novelties which highlight the multifunction cutter FP 240-6. This cutter maximum performance can make all cuts of pork, beef, sheep and poultry, fresh or frozen, with or without bone. It is also possible to change the type of product in a few seconds and offers great flexibility in cutting products. Another notable development has been the automatic conveyorized derinding machine BXAplus 554 SI with safety input for high meat pieces as the whole room front with bone. The quality of work is excellent thanks to the special pressure system combined with mechanical cutting MAJA control. The operator works in accordance with the requirements of the standard EN 12355 and safety for the feed zone, the photodetectors and tunnel protection. In addition, the score 540 for superficially cut the bark of different pieces of pork.

BETTCHER in Europe has definitely opted for the new Quantum series. A large part of the stand was dedicated to this new circular knife complements existing models M2. This is the latest model, more ergonomic, with a more powerful engine and considerable savings in consumption of spare parts. In addition, we have known the new YieldPlusTM Debone of Gainco system to help poultry processors to achieve higher performance in the deboning of carcasses.

EFA has introduced its wide range of saws and cutters for slaughter and cutting. Developments have included the improvement of existing models to adapt to greater efficiency and safety.

DICK presented the DetectoGrip knives and the DetectoSteel HyperDrill that are made by adding metal parts in plastic, allowing greater ability to detect plastic parts that may appear in foods with metal detectors and equipment of conventional X-rays. Besides the consolidation of RFID radio frequency automatic system for the management and monitoring of knives and tools that can get safety, health and cost reduction.

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