INTECAL, best distributor of Bettcher in Europe of 2015

Foto premio BETTCHER 2015

INTECAL has received once again Bettcher’s award to the best European distributor of the year 2015.

INTECAL, in charge of commercializing in Spain the Whizard knives and the Airshirz scissors of the American brand, was already recognized by Bettcher with the same award the years 2012 and 2014.

INTECAL’s progression in the recent years is due to the conjunction of several factors, such as working with Bettcher, leader in quality and innovation equipment manufacturer, being the company with most years of experience in Spain with this type of equipment, and always offering the best service to its customers. All this has enabled INTECAL to reach a high level of efficiency, which coupled with the maturity that the sector and the changes implemented in the production lines have transformed its equipment in a must have for its clients to stay competitive in the market.