New equipment to decontaminate beef, pork and sheep carcasses


Equipo-vapovacIntecal markets in Spain the equipment Vapo-Vac to decontaminate beef, pork and sheep carcasses. The machinery is designed for a microbiological reduction through steam administration in the carcass, thereby lowering the aerobes and enterobacteria. The new machinery increases productivity, done that it increments the durability of the meat and reduces shrinkage by sanitation cuts.

There are already several teams working in Spain with this equipment with fully satisfactory results that allow these costumers to further ensure food security conditions on its facilities.

Equipment composition:

– 1 Vapo-Vac Handle
Work width: 80mm / Weight: aprox. 1kg

– 1 Steam generator
Voltage: 400V, 50Hz / Steam pressure: 5bar / Resistance potency: 17kW o 34kW / Maximum production of steam: 50kg/h / Dimensions: 550x700x810mm / Weight:90kg

– 1 Pump
Voltage: 345-415V, 600-720V, 50Hz / Potency: 5’5kW / Dimensions: 1100x841x788m

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