New depth limiter for the pneumatic knife EFA 805

Foto EFA 805-D 04

The pneumatic knife EFA 805 has now a new special device to adjust the cut depth for the salmon sliced. The mechanism, available for left-and right-handed, consists of a circular guide incorporated to the knife to limit the depth of the slice of salmon.

The depth limiter that Intecal distributes adds on to the already known applications of the pneumatic knife, which include the cured and fresh ham polished, the fish fillet, and improve the salmon sliced. The EFA 85 knife is also used to clean dark meat of fish and to peel fruits and vegetables.

Technical Data:

Pneumatic knife EFA 805
– Motor output: 0’4CV * 300W
– Operating pressure: 9bar
– Air consumption: 200l/min
– Weight: 0’7kg

Depth limiter
– Width cut 200mm
– Adjustable depth cut
– Adjustable for left and right-handed

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